Galen Louis

Boise, ID 83705
United States

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Places to go in the "NezPerce" pages. Check it out!

TABLE OF CONTENTS to easy-to-play songs.
Chords and Lyrics to popular songs. I will be constantly adding to this. If you have a song that you just can't figure the chords out to, email me.
Cowpie Archives
The best C&W chord and lyric site around. Searchable by artist or song.
Nanci Griffith Songs
A wonderful songwriter that I saw in Boise. Her songs take me from Texas to Ireland.
Indigo Girls
Amy and Emily are just fantastic. Try this site. It'll bring you closer to fine.
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Her diversity is incredible. From the "twist and shout" to the stirring of memories of my "pirate days".
Ron's Folk Music
Very good (and eclectic) site of contemporary folk singers. Includes Cheryl Wheeler, Christine Lavin, Dar Williams, Nancy Kaplansky.

Welcome to Galen's "NezPerce" Pages

If you like to play the guitar and sing a bit, this is the place to be. In forty years of playing, there have been many times when I've asked, "how did that song go?", or "what were the chords to that?" So, assuming that you've been there before also, I've written down chords and lyrics to a bunch of songs. Many of these are not in the usual "fake books" that you see around so hopefully they'll be helpful. Click on the TABLE OF CONTENTS button to the LEFT.

Also, check out the other links to the LEFT. I've added links to songwriters, and some neat sites for guitar chords and tabulatures.

In addition, BELOW, there are links to some of my own songs, stories, and friends' pages. On a more 'academic' level, check out my INDIAN PAGES. Enjoy your stay here and email if you want. I update this regularly. i created this website in 1997 as a diversion while working on my doctoral dissertation. Yes, i finally finished and I am currently a university professor in Idaho.

Galen's Personal Links

Galen's Photo Album
Here's a few pictures of me and my honee
Galen's Songs
Forty years of lyrics. A brief description of what I was thinking when I wrote each song is included.
Galen's Stories
A few vignettes about growing up in the fifties in San Francisco. The "old days" are seen through the eyes of a ten year old.
Galen's Musician Connection
Click here and find other musicians in your local area with similar interests. It's free. Add yourself to the data base.


Indian Health Services, History and links : My dissertation was on this topic. Excerpts from this and interesting items are linked here.
Ode to John Denver: I wrote this shortly after I heard of his death.