In my undergrad days at SF State, the weekends were usually spent hitch-hiking back and forth between SF and Petaluma in Sonoma County. Sean, Diane, Cheri, Doug, Keith and Rae lived up there. In 1968, I was able to buy a right-hand drive "hippie" van and then I started picking up riders. It was a great (but a very different) time.

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Petaluma (1968)

Driving Ďcross the country side
Pretty woman down by my side
drinking wine, the time goes by so slow
Sleepy cows on highway one
Eating grass, taking in the sun
Oh, Itís a good life that I know

and the rain donít fall unless I call
the water to quench my thirst
California sunshine is the money in my purse

Iíve got me a caravan of friends I know
in Petaluma just up the road
Itís a good time song that I hear on the radio
I think Iíve found my rainbowís end
a pot of gold and a lady friend
Oh, Itís a good life that I know