One of the great joys of life is just sitting around with a bunch of friends on a summer's evening and playing music together. We were a bunch of pickers 'n grinners that did impromptu jams. We went from folk, to country, to rock 'n roll, to blues. I can't think of anything I love more.

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Pocatello Partners (1991)

Iím sitting on the front porch
the sun sinks in the west
playing on this old guitar
got a heartbeat in my chest
Iíll never be a superstar
but I do what I do best
Iím just singing and playing my songs

I got some old friends all around me
and some that I just met
picking out familiar tunes 
and some I ainít heard yet
If you ask what Iíd like to do
you can safely place your bet
on singing and playing my songs


Donít need no fancy restaraunts
donít need no fancy clothes
donít need no high faluting woman
to lead me by the nose
donít need no buried treasure
donít need no diamond ring
just find me a place where I can sit
with my friends to pick and sing

Some country, folk, rock and roll
and Appalachian blues
keep spinning round my memory
like yesterdayís good news
Iíve everything a man could want
but Iíll always pick and choose
just singing and playing my songs