I wrote this shortly after I heard that John Denver was killed in the plane crash. He greatly influenced me, not only by his music, but by the way he lived his life.

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Ode to John Denver(2000)

Walk me down a country road
Beneath the Aspen trees
Tell me stories that are told
By singers in the breeze
Let the sun shine on my shoulders
On a Rocky Mountain high
Let’s sing together one more time
Before you say good-bye

Poems and prayers and promises
And ponies in the rain
Shanghai breezes in the night
And finding love again
Let us fall in sweet surrender
In the wild Montana skies
This old guitar and you my friend
So come, let’s harmonize

We were shipmates on the open seas
Shipmates and Cheyenne
We were walking ‘cross the Kansas fields
And never felt the pain
And it only seems like yesterday
That we were both still young
And tomorrow was so far away
With love songs to be sung.