When I was doing my Master's degree in Idaho, I met a lot of great people. It seemed we did everything together. Then the time came for us to go our separte ways after graduation. It seems sad that for all we did together, we would probably not see each other again in the future. We knew a few things about each other, but really, we didn't get real deep. In fact, we didn't even know each other's middle names, or where we came from. This is for Peder, Gina, Mitch, Sara, Connie, John, Patti, Sue, Collette, Stephen and Kristen.

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Middle Names (1991)

When I think about you lately, 
it kind of makes me sad
Knowing you’ll be leaving in a while
Because I’ve loved you more than yesterday 
and the good times that we had
And sitting here besides you makes me smile

As you’re driving ‘cross the country side, 
back to your own home
In search of places where the rainbow ends
Just remember here in Idaho, 
there’s a place that’s safe and warm
A person you can always call a friend


Though I never knew your middle name, 
or the town where you were born
Or feelings that you carry deep inside
You’re deep inside me like a song, 
playing on a summer’s morn
And in my heart I know you’ll always stay

And tomorrow’s just a mystery, 
and yesterday is gone
I’ll think about you every now and then
And of all the things not meant to be 
as time was moving on
And dream about the way things might have been.