Meridian is a town in Idaho. McMillan is the name of a school. I met a bunch of school teachers from this town and we had a pretty good time. It was at a conference up in the Sawtooths of Idaho. Anyway, I thought Meridian McMillan was a good composite name and this song is the result.

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Meridian McMillan (1992)

I went up to the mountains, looking for a change
thirty-five miles northwest of Fairfield, in the Sawtooth Range
I met a fair young maiden, there was sunlight in her eyes
Though her years were young I could tell 
from her words that she was wise

I said "I am a stranger to this world that you are from
All the pieces of my life amounted to a paltry sum"
But I listened to the stories that this woman had to tell
she took me hand, she took my heart, 
and in the process I got well


Meridian McMillan, sheís the sweetest gal I know
I met her in the mountains of central Idaho
Though I only stayed with her one night before she had to go
she taught me everything a man like me should ought to know

She said "I see you are a stranger from a world of steel and glass
You may have been beleagured by the stories in your past
but every day is a promise, if you live it out every day
cast aside your doubts and woes, 
and a child will lead the way"

"Just look up to the mountains, just look up to the sky
Youíll find yourself in the river that flows, or the wind that rushes by
No, this ainít human nature, but itís the way that it ought to be
just love the life thatís all around 
and the truth shall set you free"


Now Iím back in town, with all my city ways
with a memory that I can keep for all my living days
this woman from the mountains, as simple as a stone
she taught me how to live my live, 
now Iíll never be alone