It was winter, 1978, my first Christmas after being divorced. MaryAnn's boyfriend was in prison (long story). It was one of those times when we both just needed someone to get through the holidays. It wasn't tawdry or crass. It was comforting and necessary, but we both knew that it was also excruciatingly temporary and that we would go our separate ways when the magic of those two weeks was over.

Where do you want to go?

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MaryAnn (1978)

Iíve only known you for a while
Iíve only just now learned to read your face
I've just begun to miss your smile
Hell, I ainít even gone, and Iím missing you everyday

Youíre soft and warm, extremely gentle
You are the inspiration for my songs
I hate good-byes, guess Iím sentimental
The feeling was right, but the timing was wrong


So if we are to be just a memory
and if our time can only be the past
Take me tonight, we can see the dawn
I want to be a memory that lasts

MaryAnn, MaryAnn, I even like the sound of your name
MaryAnn, MaryAnn, we don't have tomorrow
Tonight can you stay