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"Lover's Cross"

Loverís Cross - Jim Croce

       C          Am     Dm       G       C          Am        Dm    G    
Well I guess that it was bound to happen, was just a matter of time

         C       Am     Dm   G        C                  Am    
Now Iíve come to my decision and itís one of the painful kind

       F              G        Am             F       C            Dm  G7        
Now it seems that you wanted a martyr, just a regular guy wouldnít do

      C       Am      Dm           G7        C 
Baby, I canít hang upon no loverís cross for you

Hey, Iíve really got to hand it to you, girl, you really tried
But for every time that we spent laughing there were two times that I cried
You were trying to make me your martyr, thatís one thing I just couldnít do
Cause baby I canít hang upon no Loverís Cross for you

C7      F          G         Am   Em     F          C        Dm    G  
  Cause tables are meant for turning and people are bound to change

F           G         Am  Em           F          C           
Bridges are meant for burning when the people and memíries 

     Dm              G      G7 
they join arenít the same

But I hope that you can find another who can take what I could not
Heíll have to be a super guy; or maybe a super God
cause I never was much of a martyr before and I ainít gonna start nothing new
Baby I canít hang upon no Loverís Cross for you