I met Peggy up in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. When I asked her out to dinner, I didn't realize that she lived 563 miles from my home. So I drove up to Spokane and on the way, I wrote this song. I'm still with her, and she still leaves the light on for me though I'm far from home, but I'm always on my way back to her.

Where do you want to go?

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Leave the Light On, Peggy (1992)

Fourteen hours of driving, sitting in my car
On my way to Washington, I know thatís where you are
And Iím tired of this old highway, and Iím weary to the bone
Leave your light on Peggy, Iíll soon be coming home.

The white line on the asphalt is burned into my eyes
That northwest blue horizon is behind the hidden skies
And as I cross that border and fade into the light
Leave your light on Peggy, be a beacon in my night


This highway Iíve been traveling has lost me once before
And so Iíll need a guiding light to lead me to your door.
My sense of true direction has long since been divorced
So leave your light on Peggy and keep me on my course.

I know I barely know you but the stories that you tell
always leave me wanting more, I did not know you well
and I canít believe the feelings that Iím feeling here today,
Leave your light on Peggy to help me find my way.