Back in the days when I was working for Sears, I used to open new stores as part of my responsibilities. NewPark Mall was in California and there were a couple of Division Managers who worked for LaVerle (a counterpart) who were a lot of fun to coordinate with. LaVerle Magarity was such a cool name that it just begged having a song written around it.

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LaVerle's Girls (1983)

You can break my heart any time you want
anytime you want me Iíll be there
Just snap your fingers and Iíll come running
Ití ainít macho but I donít care
Just give me a signal, show me a sign
If you want me wonít you give it a whirl
ĎCause I left me heart down at Newpark Mall
With LaVerle Magarityís girls

You can fold me, bend me, stamp me Ďcause you send me
When youíre tired of me, toss me aside
Iím so bowled over by the both of you
Iím like a jelly roll that has no pride
Your ruby red lips, your swaying hips
How I long to kiss and fondle your curls
ĎCause I left my heart down at Newpark Mall
With Laverle Magarityís girls

Well I mean, thereís Kathleen, Maria and that whole scene
itís enough to make a grown man cry
So stop me in the middle Ďcause Iím drooling on my spittle
When I think about it I get hight
Iím your kissing cousin, your sweet soul brother,
Your Uncle Tom, your mother of pearl
Well I left me heart down at Newpark Mall
With LaVerle Magarityís girls.