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Lady in Red

D] [G7+] [Asus] [D] [G7+] [Asus] I've n[D]ever seen you looking so[G7+] lovely as you did ton[A]ight; 

I've n[F#7]ever seen you [F#7/A#]shine so b[Bm]right. [A7] Mmm[G]m 

I've n[D]ever seen so many men[G7+] ask you if you wanted to d[A]ance. 

They're l[F#7]ooking for a[F#7/A#] little ro[Bm]mance, given h[D7]alf a [G]chance. 

I have n[Em7]ever seen that dress you're wearing, Or the hi[A7]ghlights in your head that catch your e[Bm]yes. 

I have been b[A]lind {soc} The l[A7/G]ady in red[D] [D/F#] [G] is [A]dancing wit[Bm]h me , 
[A/C#] cheek to c[Bm]heek There's nobody her[Em7]e, [A] it's just you and m[D]e, It's where I wanna [D7]be 

But I hardly k[G]now [F#7/A#] this b[F#7]eauty by my s[Bm]ide. 

Bm/A] [E7] I'll never for[Em7]get, [A9] the way you l[A]ook toni[D]ght. 

{eoc} I've never seen you looking so gorgeous as you did tonight; I've never seen you shine so bright. 
You were amazing. I've never seen so many people want to be there by your side, And when you turned to me and smiled, It took my breath away 
I have never had such a feeling, Such a feeling of complete and utter love, as I do tonight. 

{c:Chorus} the w[A]ay you look toni[Bm]ght. [Bm/A] [E7] I never will [Em7]forget, 
the [A9]way you l[A]ook ton[D]ight [G7+9] 
The l[Asus]ady in r[D]ed (3 times) [G7+9] 
My [Asus]lady in [D]red (I love you.)