Sometimes in reflection, i have found that my life has had a lot of ups and downs. The "ups" were great, but the "downs" were nearly devastating.

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I Just Had It All (2007)

I canít remember when I stopped being special	
The very moment I started to fall			       
King of the hill, top of the mountain			
You know that I just had it all					

There was a time when everybody listened		
And life was there at my beck and call		
A prince of the night, a star in the daytime	
You know that I just had it all			

I understood about time and money,		
Fortune, and fame and much more		
But now Iím here without my honey		
I canít understand why she walked out the door	

Then all at once my words just didnít matter
Somebody else now can carry the ball		
There must be a reason my voice was shattered	
But honey I just donít recall
I only know that I once had it all