I was watching the romantic angst of some friends of mine. I guess those words, "but I only think of you as a friend" still has the same meaning now as when I was a young man. My friend Carlos from Columbia, says this is his favorite of mine. He asks me to play it when he wants to cry. I don't know, but whatever....it's one of my personal favorites also, maybe because I'm a little detached from it and it's easier to play.

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Just Friends 1996)

If I brought you flowers in the springtime
and left my poems and lyrics now and then,
Still I know wed never "be", even a blind man here can see
Ill never be much more to you than friend

If I brought you rivers from the mountains
and brushed your name against the dying sky
Still I have no false illusions, no hopes to ever win
I know that loving you will leave me dry


But let me stay inside a little longer
Close your eyes and let this boy pretend
Just a glimpse of all the things I hoped that we might be
and dream about the way things might have been

So let me bring you flowers in the springtime
and leave my poems and lyrics now and then
And bring you rivers flowing from mountains in the sky
Yes, all these gifts I bring to you my "friend".