One of my earlier songs. This was written in 1974, back in the days when I still had all my hair, all my naivete and all my wonderment about a quieter simpler life away from my old life in San Francisco. I shudder now when I think how young I was then.

Where do you want to go?

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Country Woman (1974)

Living life so free, your mind is always clear
running through the backwoods, child, and your feet theyíre standing bare
Youíre from California, your hometown is the sky
Living for the summertime and they call you Sweet July


Hey country woman, canít you see, I love you so
Hey country woman, canít you see, I love you so

Youíre cool as mountain water, soft as lullaby
And all day long you sing a song about a place called paradise
I see you in my morning, I need you in the evening time
I raise my glass, better drink it fast, itís a taste of country wine


A wild horse in the canyon, an eagle up in the sky
I donít know why I even try to catch you Sweet July
ĎCause July is my summer, and Julyíll be my fall
July rides on the midnight wind, late at night canít you hear me call