When I first met Kristen, we were Master's students. She was one of the most wonderful and incredibly attractive women I had ever met, but she was married and I was not. Now, she's finishing law school in Oregon and I'm completing my PhD in Illinois. She's not married and I'm close to being engaged. It's funny how time changes circumstances, but time doesn't always change the heart.... We remain thousands of miles apart, yet I still feel connected to her, if only in my songs. I am thankful to have her for a friend.


If  you werenít such a lady, if you werenít such a friend
Iíd let you know that you were on my mind, daybreak and daysí end.
Iíd bring you flowers in the morning, romance you late at night
Iíd take your hand without no warning; kiss and hold you tight.

If I werenít such an old man, then maybe youíd have seen
I wear my heart on my sleeve each night, a young boy in his teens
And if you look youíd understand then, this simple thing, this heart of mine
Ďcause though the years have worn me grey, my heart still canít tell time

	It still beats when you are near me
	It still stops each time that you smile
	It still hurts each time when you walk away
	And I canít tell you how I feel...

And so Iíll take all my fancies, keep them here in my mind
ĎCause every time that I dare to feel, Iím a fool to Father Time
And so itís best that we are strangers, acquaintances, just friends
But tonight Iíll sing this song, and dream of what might have been.

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