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 C                E7        A7           Dm           A            Dm                 
Once I lived the life of a millionaire, spent all my money didnít have no cares
F            Dm              C          A7      Dm                     G
Took all my friends out for mighty good times, bought bootleg liquor, champagne and wine
  C     E7      A7           Dm            A           Dm
Then I began to fall so low, lost all my friends, had nowhere to go
F             Dm          C     A7     Dm                                G
If  I get my hands on a dollar again, Iíll hang on to it, til the bitter end

Nobody loves you when youíre down and out, and in your pocket, not one penny,
And as for friends, you donít have any, when you get back on your feet again
Everybody wants to be your long lost friend, I said itís strange, without any doubt
Nobody loves when youíre down and out.

   C             Bm                 G                 Am7
Grafton Street, Christmas time, the elbows push you Ďround
         C               Bm             Am7              D
This is not my place of memory, Iím a stranger in this town
         C          Bm              Am7                    D
But the faces look familiar, and I know that song theyíre playing
       C                    Bm          Am7   D      G
And I close my eyes and I find myself, 5000 miles away

      C           Bm                    Am7     D
Itís funny how my world goes Ďround without you
     C                      Bm               Am7                   D
Oh, youíre the one thing I never thought that I could live without
 C              Bm              Am7   D
I just found a smile to think about you
          C              Am7             D      G
Youíre a Saturday night, far from the madding crowd

Buskers sing by candlelight down by Bewleyís store
And a young nun offers me a chair at a table by the door
And I feel compelled to tell her of the sisters that we knew
How when they lit their candles, Iíd say a prayer for you

Church bells ring out holy hour, back out in the rain
Itís been twenty years or more since I last said your name
And I hear you live near Dallas now, in a house out on the plains
Why Grafton Street brought you to mind, I really canít explain.