Since I've been an adult, it seems that I can't stay put in any one place. From San Francisco, to Seattle, to Honolulu, the East Bay, to Pocatello, to Boise, to Champaign. I find a tension in moving around that is on one hand disturbing, but on the other, a very exciting part of life. Keeping in touch with those who have enriched my life, tho' is difficult.

Where do you want to go?

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I'm Going Away (1992)

I guess itís time again now for the leaving
I guess that home for me is hard to find
Iím closing books on chapters that Iím reading
Youíre the legendary girl I left behind

You came into my life when I was lonely
Never asking questions of where Iíve been
I wish there was a way that I could only stay with you
but we know the truth, Iím on the road again


Iím going away, Iím going away
and itís one for the money, honey, two for the show
Iím going away, Iím going away
and I only think it fair that you should know

It seems that Iíve only come to know you
Now the only time weíll share is yesterday
Thereís so many things Iíd like to show you
but it always seems my life gets in the way