Some notes on my songs....

In the span of forty years, I've had the opportunity to write a lot of songs. One of things I've always regretted is that I never learned to read or write music. I still resist it today although I've had the opportunity to learn. Anyway, the songs to the right are some of the ones that I've written. Those before 1977 were written when I still had all of my fingers. I lost one that year in an accident so have had to improvise quite a bit on the guitar. Anyway, most songs were written during one sitting, usually in less than an hour. The melodies and the words were written concurrently. Chord arrangements are also simultaneously created, but left open for refinement later. I thought I'd add that since it's usually something that I'm asked. Email me if you'd like a cassette. Real cheap.

By the way, I currently play a Gibson guitar. I own two of them and I find them to be the best sound that I can find. Other guitars that I've owned included Epiphone, Takamine, Guild, Yamaha and some real goodies like Silvertone and Montgomery Wards' brand. I can still pick a little banjo and have dabbled with the dulcimer and harmonica, but have never been able to get the piano, ocarina and recorder down. I guess you really need all your fingers for those.

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Galen's Songs: Table of Contents

Akemi: A song about the memory of Japan
AlexandraA french song written with my friend Eric for Alex
Picked Up My Blankets: A one night stand in Jackson Hole
Boise: A cold winter night in December 1993 in Idaho
Carlos: For my South American friends
Champaign, Illinois: From the mountains of Idaho to the flatness of Illinois
Children of the Seventh Fire: For my Native American friends and colleagues in Idaho
Chinese Country: A light hearted "twanger" from this country boy
Cold Shade of Red: My bewildering affinity for Redheads...
Country Woman : One of my earlier songs. For Janis, my 1st wife.
Daybreak : Another song for Peggy. We'd been separated for a year
Don't Pull Away: The perils of crossing the line from just friends to intimacy
English Sally: Flirting with an enchanting violinist from London
Foolish Heart: Canadian women and research thought processes?
Franny's Song: Pregnant at 40 can be a great thing!
Girls of 143: To my wonderful students in CHLTH 143: The "Drug" Class.
If...: A song for Kristin, a dear friend over the years
I Just Had It AllGood Times and Bad Times. Can you remember when? A bluesy reflection
I Keep Leavin' Lovers in ChicagoLove 'em? Leave 'em? But where?
I'm Going Away: Part of my life has always been the "leavin'"
Just Friends: For rachel and eric, but Carlos' favorite.
Just Tonight: A take off on the Bob Segar tune
K.C.'s Shadow: From my "disco" days in Mill Valley and SF
Kalina: A former student, a beautiful lady, an imaginary liaison
Kitchen Romance: Food and erotica. What a combination!
Last Christmas in Champaign: I never knew how far home was until I spent winters in Champaign
LaVerle's Girls : California in the 80's at the mall.
Leave the Light On, Peggy: :and I'll always find my way back to you
Loneliness: a darker song for a hard time in a friend's life
Many Voices: A song for the indigenous people of the world.
MaryAnn: Sometimes, two people come together at just the right time, even if just for a moment
Mary: A very special client
Meridian McMillan: a fictitious Idaho woman
Middle Names: We thought we knew each other so well but we didn't have time.
Missouri Pam: Another twanger in cowboy poetry fashion.
Nancy Kochanski: What a great name. I just had to write a song for her.
Petaluma: Driving around in my 'hippie' van in 1968
Pocatello Lady: Started this song back in '72 in SF but didn't finish it till Pocatello
Pocatello: A bittersweet memory. I wrote this while driving home to a divorce.
Pocatello Partners: Pickers 'n Grinners on front porches in summer!
Rachel: Remembering a friend
Redding: Stuck for eleven hours in Redding hitch-hiking in 1970
Shade Past 29: Funny how I never feel older than that.
Sunny: Sunny had a smile I would never forget. Funny how a name could be so fitting.
Sweet Tooth Susan: You've heard of a sugar crash? This is a true story!
The Coffee Shop Song: Coffee beans and Java-jive
Tibby Dunbar: the only good blind date I ever had.
Whistle in the Moonlight: A song for quiet moments, My title cut on cassette.
Wild Horse Woman: For Madeline, my passion personified in 1968.
Zooey's Song: Okay, was another great blind date.
30 at Santa Cruz: Turning thirty did not have to be traumatic
40 in Pocatello: Turning 40 was a bit more traumatic *grin*