Where Do You Want to Go in the "NezPerce" Pages

Galen's Main HomePage
Guitar Chords, Lyrics, Links to other music Sites. Can't remember the lyrics or chords to that song? Come here. Also have included links to some of my favorite singers.
Galen's Indian Page
Information and links on American Indian Health and History. There are excerpts from my doctoral dissertation here as well as links to Tribal web pages.
Galen's Original Song Lyrics
Thirty years' worth of lyrics. Blues, country, folk and rock, I love it all. Come here and imagine the sound of a Gibson guitar, a passable voice, a cup of good coffee and an evening with me.
Galen's original stories
Here's a few stories I've written about growing up in the Western Addition of San Francisco. My Chinese roots and memories of being 10 years old and coping with America.

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Links to HomePages of Friends of Mine

Phil Lau's "Shooting Stars" page
Pictures of the Universe are found here. Phil and I have known each other since 1962. Isn't that amazing. He captures a lot in his photos. Check this out.
Sean McCumber's Jump Station (frog-man)
From here, visit the world of a 3rd year law student, camp counselor, disk jockey, entrepreneur, raconteur and connosieur. Sean is diverse!
Cindy Diel's "First Home page"
This is my former salsa partner's first attempt at a web page.
Michael Mark Martinez
A very interesting page dealing with Native American issues. This is a great place for academic support for Indian research. Thanks to Madonnalisa Gonzalez for introducing me.