Actually, turning 40 was not traumatic either. I think that I just mellowed and aged well. It was, however, a time for reflection. If life was better at 40, then it was probably because I grew to take changes in stride. The only constant factor in my life was change...that and an undying trust in romance.

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40 in Pocatello

Iíve traveled many highways, seen my share of change
Left behind some memories for time to rearrange
Stood beside an argument Ďtil it stepped outside the door
I never understood the things that Iíd been fighting for

Iíve lingered with some underdogs far past the time to leave
Questions over right and wrong,  my judgment was deceived
I swam through muddy waters and unclear points of view
Been blinded by the blazing sun until I came to you.


Now I believe in miracles each time you hold me tight
I believe in misty mountain dew
I believe thereís  battles that I no longer have to fight
Now I believe that I believe in you

Like rivers in the mountainside that flow straight to the sea
trapped within the corridors of only what they see
Reckless indecision, not even time can heal
Living in a fantasy until you made it real