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Come Monday

Note:  play in G, capo 2nd fret

    G               C     
      Headin' up to San Francisco  
    D                    G         
      For the Labor Day week-end show,
      I've got my hush-puppies on I guess I
       D                          G
      Never was meant for glitter rock and roll
     Am           C             D          D7
      And, honey, I didn't know,  that I'd be missin' you so

         C              G
     Come Monday  it'll be all right 
         C                D
     Come Monday  I'll be holdin' you tight
              G          Bm         C          D
     I spent four lonely days in a brown L. A. haze
            C            D          G
     And I just want you back by my side 

Yes, it's been quite a summer
Rent-a-cars and west-bound trains
And now you're off on vacation
Somethin' you tried to explain
And darlin', it's I love you so
That's the reason I just let you go

(Repeat chorus)

   Amaj7    Dmaj7          Amaj7                  Dmaj7        
      I can't help it honey,  you're that much a part of me now
   Amaj7                Dmaj7 
      Remember that night in Montana 
            C      5/2    5/0 C  5/2 5/0   D     F    C    G
      when we said there'd be no room for doubt

I hope you're enjoyin' the scen'ry
I know that it's pretty up there
We can go hikin' on Tuesday
With you I'd walk anywhere
California has worn me quite thin
I just can't wait to see you again