There's still a time when you can go and literally sing for your supper, or in this case, coffee. Vince DiGataeno was just opening up the first real espresso bar in Pocatello when I popped in and asked if I could play there. He said sure. So this song is for Vince and his family.

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The Coffee Shop Song (1991)

I like my coffee piping hot, 
winter evening really hits the spot,
Iíve been saving more times than not, 
for just an evening with you.

Soft guitar, the musicís live, 
putting mellow on overdrive,
Jamming to the java jive, 
itís just an evening with you.


Ah, Mr. Coffee, coffee bean-o, 
pour me a cup of cappuccino
Come on baby, letís make the scene-o
The way I feel I canít express soÖ

Slide me over a cup of Joe, 
best coffee here in Idaho
Just sitting here at DiGataenoís, 
itís just an evening with you.