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Chronology of Key IHDT Events

Oct. 17, 1994		Orientation for Indian Health leaders on Designing a New IHS
Nov. 15, 1994		Patient/Customer Suggestion Questionnaire Distributed
Nov. 29, 1994		"Designing a New IHS" Plenary Session, Albuquerque Convention 
Feb. 8, 1995		First formal meeting of the IHDT
Mar.13, 1995		Co-Chairs brief the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
Mar. 15, 1995		IHDT Tier II workgroups orientation
Mar. 28, 1995		Second formal meeting of the IHDT
Apr.-May, 1995	        Tier II workgroups conduct study and develop options
May 24, 1995		Tier II workgroups present options to IHDT
June 8, 1995		IHS Council of Area & Associate Directors endorse IHDT design 
June 27, 1995		IHDT meeting to select initial recommendations
Aug 1995		DRAFT report distributed to Indian Country and IHS employees
Sept.-Oct., 1995	Comment and feedback
Oct. 10, 1995		IHDT reviews/incorporates feedback into final recommendations
Dec. 1, 1995		Design recommendations presented at NIHB Consumer Conference
Jan. 30, 1996		Congressional briefing on IHDT design recommendations
Feb. 14, 1996		Tribal Leaders Forum, Albuquerque, NM
Feb. 15, 1996		IHDT plans a new approach to design Area level changes
Mar. 19, 1996		Training for Area staff to hold Area Design Workshops
Apr.-Jun, 1996	        Area Workshops with community leaders and I/T/U officials
Jul. 10, 1996		Headquarters implementation design sent to IHDT	
Jul.  23, 1996		Incorporates Area Workshop results into revised recommendations	
Aug. 30, 1996		Draft  of Area level recommendations distributed to Indian Country
Sept.-Oct., 1996        Comment and feedback
Sep. 18, 1996		Plenary Session & Forum at  NIHB  Annual Consumers Conference
Oct. 9, 1996		Final Meeting of IHDT to revise recommendations for change
Nov. 13, 1996		Headquarters reorganization package submitted to the Director
Nov. 13, 1996		Co-Chairs brief Congressional committees on recommendations
Nov-Dec, 1996	        Additional comment and feedback
Jan. 31, 1997		Final Report with revised recommendations for Area restructuring
Mar. 1, 1997		Implement new Headquarters structure
Apr-May, 1997	        Inter-Area workshops to identify cooperative arrangements for work
Aug. 30, 1997		Complete Headquarters resources transfer             
Sep. 30,  1997		Inter-Area cooperative sharing plans due