A light hearted look at the songs that I've written. It's done with a heavy "twang" and country beat. Usually a crowd pleaser at 'open mikes'. I get a big kick out of doing it.

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Chinese Country (1992-1996)

Back in í67, I had longer hair
was a flower child from northern Cal, I didnít have no cares
I couldnít afford a new guitar like they sold at Monkey Wards
So I borrowed me a used one, and a friend showed me some chords

But I couldnít play Bob Dylan, I couldnít do the blues
I couldnít do the Beatles, or the type of chords they used
But not to be disheartened, I developed my own style
And it fits me like a pair of jeans, and it drives the girls hog-wild


Iím a country boy from China, Iím an inner city kid
Iím the best damn thing I think my ma and papa ever did
Iíve got New York City chutzpah, and a Kansas City feel
My friends all say that I canít sing, but at least I know itís real

And now Iím in Urbana, Urbana (slash) Champaign
Playing in some restaurant with a fish for itís name*
In a couple of years Iíll have a Ph.D. so go ahead and figure
When I get home to Idaho, Iíll be a brand new Post Hole Digger

*"The Red Herring" is an open mike venue in Urbana.  Also, a vegetarian
restaurant.  I've also taken salsa lessons there. Ole.