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Carolina in my Mind

{Capo on 3rd fret}

I[D]n my mind Ive g[G]one to Ca[G/F#]rolina    [A]  
[G]Cant you see the sunsh[A]ine? C[Em7]ant you just feel the   
m[A]oonshining?  [D]Aint it just lik[A/C#]e a friend o[Bm]f mine [A]to  
[G]hit me [D/F#]from behind[E7].   [G/A]Yes Im go[D]in to C[Bm7]aroli -  
n[Em7]a    [G/A]in my min[D]d.  [D]  

Ka[D]ren, shes a sil- v[C]er sun Youd best wal[G]k her way and watch  
[A]it  [A#o7]shining.  [Bm] Watch her w[G]atch the morning come. [A]  
[A]  A   [G]silver tear appear - [D/F#]ing now, Im c[Bm7]ry - i[E7]ng  
[A7sus4]aint     [A7] I? Ive[D] gone t[Bm7]o Carolin[Em7]a in [G/A]my mind. [D]   [D]  

There aint no doubt in no ones mind that loves the finest thing 
around. Whisper something soft and kind.And hey babe, the skies on 
fire, Im dying aint I? Ive gone to Carolina in my mind.


Dark and silent, late last night I think I heard the highway 
calling; geese in flight and dogs that bite.
And signs that might be omens say Im going, Im going, Ive gone 
to Carolina in my mind.

[D]With a [G]holy host of ot[A]hers standing round me[Hm].    [Bm]  
[F#m7]Still Im on the dark [Em7]side of the moon.  [G]  
[A]   And it seem[C]s like it goes o[G]n like this forev - e[D]r. 
Y[D]ou must for - [C]give me  [G/H]   [Em7]   
[G/A]if Im up and gone [D]to C[Bm7]arolin[Em7]a in[G/A] my mind.[D]   [D]