I met Carlos and Catalina from Columbia during grad school. They spoke to me about how Americans seemed so cold and distant. It was difficult to adjust to life in a large midwestern university. The warmth and openness of Columbia appeared missing here as they struggled to find a niche. This view was echoed by Pepe from Ecuador, Javier and Corina from Venezuela, and Franscec from Spain. I was embarrassed about how we Americans treated them when I wrote this.

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Carlos (1997)

Iím a stranger to this land				
Iím a long long way from home			
Thereís a danger close at hand				
and I feel so all alone					
There are people talking to me				
In words I do not know				
Their eyes, they see right through me			
Like a man without a soul				

A feather in the winds of change
I feel like I am tossed
Priorities are re-arranged
And I canít assess the cost
I speak my words to strangers
But they do not seem to hear
Living in a crazy world
where a man canít shed a tear

ColumbiaÖI think I hear you calling			
Wonít you call my name				
ColumbiaÖI fear that I am falling			
Please catch me once again				
Please catch me once again