In 1978, disco was still a big thing. I hate to admit it but I was a regular disco inferno. It wasn't so much the music, but I loved the dancing. When I wrote this song, one of my singing partners, Cheryl, said that "hey, at least your contribution to the disco sound sounds good". I take that as a compliment, I guess. KC was a dance partner.

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K.C.'s Shadow (1978)

If there was no tomorrow 
and there was only just today
Then we could do what we’d want to do, 
wouldn’t care what the people say

So kiss me in the evening time, 
and hold me on through the night
Be making love ‘til the sun comes up 
and you know that the feeling’s right

And baby we’ve seen some mighty good times, 
we’ll probably know some sad
But the only thing that I know tonight
I want to hold you, need to hold you so bad


So come, be my lady tonight
throw all your inhibitions to the sky
And baby, oh baby, say yes, don’t say maybe
my heart is getting ready to fly
Come on girl, the time’s just slipping by

I’ve got a brand new look and a lease on life baby 
when you’re holding me by the hand
And you can be my sweet surrender tonight
and I can be your loving man

And If I can give you pleasure
you know it wasn’t left up to chance
Because when you smile and you look at me the way that you do
my heart is rocking, rolling, reeling romance