One night, my friend Eric Guilbert from France and I were sitting around and we decided that we would try to write a song in French and English. We came up with a catchy melody, a nice chord arrangement but we got stuck coming up with lyrics. Alexandra then just happened to walk by. She was a bouncy, cheerful and absolutely lovely Parisienne that we both knew. He looked at me. I looked at him...and this song was written.

The english/french translation is not as literal as it could be, but we wanted to have lyrics that made sense in both languages. Unfortunately, Alexandra never heard the song. She returned to Paris before either of us could play it for her. Quel dommage.

Where do you want to go?

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Alexandra (1997)

Un langoureux  week end,
(A) Champaign Illinois,
On s'aime et on se promène,
Et c'est si bon d'être avec toi,

Conte moi tes histoires,
Mais ne me mens pas,
J'ai mis en toi tous mes espoirs,
Ma chère Alexandra,

Ne change surtout rien à tes pensées,
Ne change pas ta façon d'être,
Je suis tombé amoureux de toi telle que tu es,
Et ce qui m'importe c'est d'être ici avec toi.

Long lazy weekends, walks in the park
holding hands and making plans
and kisses in the dark

So tell me stories, don't tell me lies
Tell me of the hopes and dreams
you hide behing your eyes

Don't change a single thing that you're thinking
Don't change a single thing that you do
I fell in love with you
just the way you are
And I really just want to be here now with you.

Tes cheveux dans le vent,
Sont tels des brins de lumière,
Qui me fascinent depuis longtemps,

Tu as conquis mon coeur,
Tu es ma muse, je n'aime que toi,
Ma vie sans toi est sans couleur.