After three years of teaching at the University of Illinois, I met a lot of students. Getting up at 7 am to teach that 8 am class was a real drag though. The one thing, however, that got me up was the thought of seeing the bright pretty faces of my students in Sections A and B of my Community Health 143 class.

So this song is dedicated to all of my students. Another tongue-in-cheek tribute to the female sex from an off-the-wall songwriter and college instructor.

The biggest challenge was to get everybody's name in, then remembering the order so that it made sense.

So, to all of my students, present, past and future, this one's for you. In all seriousness though, I will miss UIUC. You kids were a great part of my memories here.


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Girls of 143 (1997)

Monday morning you really make my day
All the lovely ladies here in Section A
Cassie Colbert, and Jill Berg, Alicia Pascavage

Nicole Orozco, Marissa De Jong, Alexis Priest
you make me want to sing a song
You make me wish I was much younger
more often than not.

Melanie Dorwart, Jamie Merbaum,
Alexandra Stojiljkovic and Amanda Stone, 
Laura Wilson and the Ch[K]ristines, Mytko and Scott.

I ain't done yet, I didn't forget
'cause every section has to have a teacher's pet.
A straight "A" student all the while,
Sunny Koerber, won't you give us a smile.

But it's nine o'clock, and they all leave,
but looky here mama, here comes Section B
Lisa Piovosi's walking in the door
and Kerrie is a-Shamblin' in.

Alison Caruso, Celia Boewe, 
Tracy Carver and Sara Dona-ho
Lordy, won't you have a little mercy
on this heart of mine.

Salina Gamboa, and Tara Smith
Julie Koslen don't you know that 
you're messing with
This old man's heart and you're on my mind
sweet Dale Klein.

Elissa Peppers and Meghan Lambe,
Alexis Foreman redefine just who I am
Jessica Balch and Tara McGonigle
I just couldn't find a rhyme

Jennifer Ander and Rebecca Metcalfe
Put you two together you're my better half.
And what about teacher's pet oh me oh my.

There's Sunny Koerber from Section A
but Ami and Rachel really make my day.
Heck, let's put 'em all together and
just call it a tie.

Now all you boys, I ain't forgot
But pretty faces in the morning
you're sure not.
If it weren't for the girls,
it's gotta be said.
I'd probably just stay in bed.